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Robert Jager

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Mumblety Peg (Children's Games)

First Performance:

Ludwig Music Company, Cleveland, OH
The Cumberland Quintet, Cookeville, TN

Jager wrote Mumblety-Peg (Children's Games) for the Cumberland Quintet in 1993.  Each movement is a musical description relating to everyday childrens games.  Fresh sounding as well as intellectual, they employ many different compositional techniques such as minimalish, an actual "tag", and a Scottish snap.  The last movement, "Musical Chairs," provides theatrical possibilities as the players leave the stage one by one.  Finally, the bassoonist is left alone to play a "victory" cadenza.  The other players sneak up and startle him out of his musings with the final chord.

-from the liner notes of "Shadows and Dreams"

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Shadows and Dreams
Performed by: 
The Cumberland Quintet
(Roger Martin, flute; William Woodworth, oboe; Dan Hearn, clarinet; James Lotz, bassoon; Arthur LaBar, horn)

Recorded May 6 and 7, 1996 at Wattenbarger Auditorium, Tennessee Tech University.



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